Welcome to Hill Country Horns Ranch

    Hill Country Horns Ranch is located in the center of the scenic Texas Hill Country.  The ranch has had high fencing since early 2005 and is intensely managed for Whitetail deer on a year round basis. Quality antler genetic bucks and does have been released from our deer pens for years and the proof is now evident in the quality of bucks on this ranch. Supplemental protein is fed throughout the year and corn feeders are operational during the hunting season.  The 2014- 2015 season will be the first year to offer guided hunts.  The ranch has previously been hunted only by family and friends with several 150" - 180" bucks harvested.  Numerous +170" bucks have been identified on our game cameras for the upcoming hunting season.  We offer exceptional and limited bookings.  If you are looking for a good place to hunt Texas Whitetail trophy bucks, give us a call. 







 We are not professional outfitters...but we've done a lot of hunting and have many hours of hard work and significant expense into improving the hunting on the ranch.   Enclosed hunting blinds that seat up to three people are located throughout the ranch.  We offer guided Whitetail hunts in November and December.  Exotic hunts are offered year round.  Relax in our Hill Country ranch lodge and enjoy all that make your deer hunting experience memorable for years to come.